New local artisanal cheeses every month. Free delivery. Cold to your door.

Which box is your perfect fit?

Either treat yourself to a once-off Cape Town Cheese Box or subscribe and get one delivered monthly.
In every box, selections are balanced and you'll also receive tasting notes and your own scorecard.

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The Classic

Too scared to commit? Get a once-off Cheese Box. The Classic is perfect for one or two people. It comes with three incredible hand-selected artisanal cheeses. Selections are varied and you'll also receive tasting notes and your own scorecard. Order now and experience the world class cheeses of the Cape.

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The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese is a once-off Cheese Box perfect for entertaining and sharing the love of cheese. It's an experience crafted for cheese lovers to discover locally-produced artisanal cheeses. You'll find five incredible hand-selected cheeses inside. Order now and enjoy the biggest haul of cheese we have to offer.

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This one is for true cheese lovers. The Cape Town Cheese Box subscriber experience gives you a new box at the beginning of every month. Each box will have a different selection of cheeses. Subscribe now to discover and savor Cape Town's best cheeses.

Why choose Cheese Box?


Rank up on your cheese knowledge. Every month we have new scrumptious cheeses for you to taste, savor and enjoy.


Our product was designed with form and function in mind. Our design is classic and our boxes are insulated to ensure your cheese arrives cold and fresh.


You can't find these treasures at the grocery store. We undergo a rigorous tasting process which results in only the finest cheeses being hand-selected for each box.


If any of your cheeses arrive in less than perfect condition, we will gladly replace them providing you contact us immediately.